No fishing, just a good deal right from the start

My name is Ken Mayfield, living in North Idaho. I don’t write reviews because it seems like customer service has become nothing but recorded do it your self programs. Not so with the people at MLS Mortgage. I just closed on a new reverse mortgage with MLS that was necessary to get my wife on the program since we have been recently married. In the course of getting thru underwriting, we came across a few hurdles. Josh and the rest of the people at MLS were always willing to guide us thru and we always spoke with a person. If they were tied up, they were prompt at returning our call. By the way, we shopped for rates and competitive closing cost and they did that best too. No fishing, just a good deal right from the start. If you haven’t figured it out, I would wholeheartedly recommend MLS Mortgage. They do business the right way!