Meet our Trusted Loan Officers

We employ several talented and knowledgeable reverse mortgage professionals.

Who is MLS Mortgage, The Reverse Mortgage Advisors?

We are mortgage experts and have all the reverse mortgage information. We LOVE reverse mortgages and truly believe in their power to help older homeowners age comfortably in place. However, reverse mortgages are not all we do. We feel that to truly have our clients best interest at heart, that we need to be able to offer multiple solutions. No two people are the same. We have a product mix that allows us to provide the most appropriate program to fit your individual needs, whether “forward” or reverse.  We feel strongly that companies touting “reverse mortgages are all we do” are very short sighted and can’t be acting as a fiduciary to you.

What are the Advantages vs Disadvantages of a Reverse Mortgage?

As with any large decision, it is of utmost importance to explore the pros and cons of reverse mortgages. We have created a comprehensive guide to help illustrate when a reverse mortgage may be a good idea and when it may be a bad idea. Reputation is everything. Most of our clients come to us by way of referral because we help educate without selling. If a reverse mortgage doesn’t seem like a good fit for you, we will tell you and offer an alternative, if available. Often times, a regular refinance may be a better solution and if that’s the case, we have a team to help. Sometimes, doing nothing is the best decision. When and if you decide to proceed, we are here for you.

Have a Reverse Mortgage Question?

Ask our experts your toughest questions and we’ll add them to our massive database of FAQ’s. We’ve answered thousands of questions and look forward to help guide your reverse mortgage decision.

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We love reviews! We have compiled a lot of reviews over the years. Please take a moment to read through them to gain a better prospective to how we do business and value our clients.

Curious About the BEST Reverse Mortgage Rates?

Reverse mortgage rates are updated on Tuesdays. When shopping for loans, be sure to compare rates from lenders in the same week so that you get a true comparison.

Looking for a reverse mortgage counselor?

Reverse mortgage lenders and brokers are not able to steer borrowers to specific counselors, however, we are able to provide a list of FHA approved HECM loan counselors. Please request a quote and we will provide you with a list of counselors for you to reach out to.