MLS Reverse Mortgage Launches New Website

In an effort to better serve it’s senior clients, MLS Reverse Mortgage has upgraded their existing website. The upgrades include easier navigation as well as improved content.

Auburn, CA ( February 5, 2009 –

With the ever increasing amount of seniors online, MLS Reverse Mortgage found it necessary to revitalize their website to offer easier navigation as well as new fresh, up to date content.
“We feel these upgrades should really help seniors and their loved ones learn more about reverse mortgages in an environment where they don’t feel intimidated by a salesperson,” state Mike Borba President of Borba Investments Inc., dba MLS Reverse Mortgage. “The decision to obtain a reverse mortgage is generally not one made on impulse. There is a lot of research and education that goes into the decision making process. We want to help lay the foundation.”
The new website includes a reverse mortgage calculator, information about Government insured reverse mortgage programs, reverse mortgage rates as well as a section dedicated to reverse mortgage news and articles. Content is updated daily and is always fresh.
A Reverse Mortgage is a special type of loan that allows a homeowner to convert a portion of the equity in their home into cash they can access. The funds are not taxable to the homeowner and typically don’t interfere with eligibility for Social Security or Medicare benefits (However, in the federal Supplemental Security Income program, beneficiaries must keep their liquid resources under certain limits.) The customer retains title to the home as well as right to any appreciation in home value when the loan terminates after it is paid off. The loan remains in force until the last titleholder dies, permanently leaves the home, sells the property, lives somewhere other than the home longer than allowed by the loan agreement, or does not pay property taxes or insurance premiums; the borrower can’t be forced to sell or move by the lender. The loan may be repaid at any time. But unlike a traditional home equity loan or second mortgage, no monthly payments are required. Instead of putting further pressure on an already stretched budget, a Reverse Mortgage can free a senior homeowner of monthly debt obligations. It is required that insurance and taxes are maintained on the property.
– The reverse mortgage industry is on the verge of explosion. In the next few years the first of the baby boomers will be turning 60 and from there on out, the senior market will be growing at such a rapid pace that it will be hard to keep up. 


MLS Reverse Mortgage is headquartered at 13478 Luther Road, Suite C, Auburn, CA and can be reached at 1-888-888-4834 or on the Internet at


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