Columbia Reverse Mortgage

Columbia, SCMLS Reverse Mortgage is a Columbia reverse mortgage lender offering the HECM (Home Equity Conversion Mortgage) Program. The Columbia HECM is the most popular reverse loan program in South Carolina. With a HECM reverse mortgage, you have several options to choose from including fixed rates, adjustable rates and purchase reverse mortgages. We can help you choose, which option is best for you.

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In addition, we will include more detailed info about reverse mortgage loans.

More about FHA Reverse Mortgages in Columbia, South Carolina

Columbia is really seeing a benefit due to the Government’s passing of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, which increased the national reverse mortgage lending limit to $625,500. What that means to seniors looking to get a Columbia reverse mortgage is an increase in the total benefit available to them.

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Columbia Reverse Mortgage Numbers

Columbia HECM Originations (Past 3 Years)
Endorsement PeriodHECM Loans Originated
12/1/05 – 11/30/08
Total for COLUMBIA: 2,408

The above chart shows HECM Loans Originated in the HUD COLUMBIA, SOUTH CAROLINA HUD Field Office. Performance Period: Displaying HECM loans that were endorsed within the past 3 years. Data shown includes all cases with beginning endorsement date between December 01, 2005 and November 30, 2008. Data Source: HUD Neighborhood Watch

Considering a Non-FHA Reverse Mortgage in South Carolina?

Due to the current housing market conditions, we are not able to offer a Columbia Jumbo reverse mortgage. Keep checking back periodically, as it is our belief that the jumbo, non-fha, proprietary reverse mortgage market will be returning soon.

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