2018 Reverse Mortgage Limit Increased to $679,650

For all HECM reverse mortgage loans origination on or after January,  2018, the reverse mortgage limit or maximum claim amount (MCA) for has increased from the prior limit of $636,150 to the new limit of $679,650, according to Mortgagee Letter 2017-17. The Mortgagee Letter was published December 7, 2017 by the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

This positive increase represents 150 percent of the Freddie Mac national conforming limit of $453,100.

Comparison of Principal Limit

2018 Reverse Mortgage Limit Comparison

This is good news for higher home value homes, especially since October 2nd changes have caused a reduction in principal limits. As you can see in the chart above, a 72 year old homeowner with a $680,000 home would receive about $22,142 additional proceeds over the prior limits (assuming a rate of 4.25%).

Brief Look at the HECM Lending Limit History

Prior to 2006, the HECM lending limit or MCA varied from county to county. In 2006, a national lending limit of $417,000 was established. Later, in 2009, Congress increased the HECM loan limit to $625,500. Then in 2017, the lending limit was increased to $636,150. Now, starting 2018, the new limit will be $679,650.

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